Cats Tied in Crates with Cables and Left to Die

Cats Tied in Crates with Cables and Left to Die

Four cats were found tied with cables inside a crate and left to die by their owner on Thursday, 29th April. The Torquay animal charity took the initiative to save them, though not all of the cats were alive.

Three cats were almost dead when the Torquay animal charity rescued them. It appeared that the four cats had barely had anything to eat for several days. The cats were covered in their urine and faeces before a cyclist discovered them in the crate in Halifax.

When cat rescuer, Paula Thomas, heard about the cats, she struggled to get them to a safe place but finally arranged for them to be taken to Hector’s House in Torquay. Zara Oldfield runs Hector’s House.

When pressed to reveal questions about the welfare of the four cats, Zara Oldfield said that the cats were on their way to Hector’s House.

Hector’s House is a government-registered charity facility that assists in taking care of abandoned animals on the streets.  The charity facility had many donors who expressed their support in taking care of the cats.

Paula Thomas also shared the pictures of the cats with the public upon their rescue. Unfortunately, the photos showed the unfortunate situations the cats were in, covered in their urine and faeces.

Paula revealed that three of the cats were in grave danger of dying, with the last cat in the worst state among all four since it had not eaten anything for many days.

She also revealed that all four cats were fighting for their lives. Upon the pictures of the cats being made public, many people felt disappointed with the owners who had left them to die.

Paula also revealed that the four cats were suffering from flu and mumps, further putting them in a terrible state. The cats’ rescuer urged people to give out their pets to charitable organisations instead of throwing them to the streets.

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