Car Crash Forces Road in Lanivet to Close

Car Crash Forces Road in Lanivet to Close
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Cornwall and Devon’s police have recently released an announcement of a serious car crash on the A30 in the Lanivet area prompting the closure of the road. The announcement came in the form of a Tweet by both police forces and was made at 6:17 pm.

Emergency services were in the scene to address any casualties. So far, there have been no reports of any casualties or injuries as of the moment. However, the road remains closed for further evaluation and investigation to be made by the force.

Traffic reporters from Inrix stated that both directions of A30 are closed and that the accident happened between Innis Downs Junction and Carminow Cross. Due to this, the police officers have prompted cars to turn around and use a detour while the emergency services are still addressing the case.

Latest news updates from Traffic England state that the road is expected to stay closed for the whole day. It is expected that the road will start to open sometime between 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm wherein the police will allow cars to resume travel at this junction. However, that is subject to the severity of the crash and the advice of the emergency services. Further updates will be given on whether the road will reopen or not.

As of now, many people are still stuck at the junction while the police are turning the cars around slowly in order to loosen up the traffic. However, traffic jams have still not been cleared in the areas leading to the junction.

Drivers who are near the area or those who frequently use this route are now advised to select different routes in order not to get stuck and add to the queue of traffic on the road.

Cars are advised to look for alternate routes to reach their destination.

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