Cape Cod Healthcare And Falmouth Senior Center To Collaborate In Vaccinating The Vulnerable

Cape Cod Healthcare And Falmouth Senior Center To Collaborate In Vaccinating The Vulnerable
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Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Falmouth city has about 10000 people who are aged 65 years and above. More than 5000 people enrolled in the senior residents’ database of Falmouth Senior Center have been contacted in an effort aimed at facilitating the vaccination of the most vulnerable members. The state has been encouraging its members to register on their online portal, PrepMod, to be vaccinated.

Falmouth has put in more effort to reach those who can not access the online registration portal for vaccination but are eligible for a vaccine. Most of the vulnerable members cannot register on the online portal for various reasons, such as lack of access to the internet.

The Falmouth Senior Centre managed to conduct the calls within two weeks and forwarded to Cape Cod Healthcare a list of those aged above 65 years and indicated that they wanted to register for a vaccine. Cape Cod Hospital has received vaccine allocations and will soon be contacting residents directly to book appointments.

The state has been redirecting towns to put more effort into vaccines’ rollout by reaching out to those with special needs. In a letter dated February 17, the Secretary of Health and Human Services issued directions to all local health officers to ensure outreach to the vulnerable and the population that can not be reached easily. This includes the seniors who are homebound and individuals who can not travel to the vaccination sites but are eligible for a vaccine.

The senior centre has also come up with the homebound list, which includes a more vulnerable category and can neither sign for the vaccines themselves nor drive to receive vaccines at various clinics. The list will be submitted to Cape Cod Healthcare together with that of seniors.

The Community Healthcare of Cape Cod will contact homebound individuals, and their nurses may visit them at their homes for vaccination. Those who are aged 65 years and can not sign up for vaccination through the internet should call 508-540-0196 to be included in the list.

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