Calls for 3rd National Lockdown to prevent new COVID strain catastrophe

Calls for 3rd National Lockdown to prevent new COVID strain catastrophe

Liverpool’s Council leaders have consorted with the government officials to impose a third national lockdown to prevent the spread of the newest strain of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus in the country.

The life-threatening cases of the current coronavirus strain have invaded the eastern part and southeast regions in London and are assumed to have proliferated outwards of England including the Western side of the country since December 2020.

In the past two weeks in Liverpool, confirmed cases have critically tripled to three hundred fifty per 100,000 confirmed cases even after the city had successfully led the national pilot for testing against the coronavirus to the general public.

Liverpool was the maiden city that was taken out of the Tier Three category into Tier Two due to its successful coronavirus vaccination program conducted in the community.

The city council’s cabinet and the acting city mayor, Wendy Simon reported that the accelerated escalating cases of the current coronavirus strain have already attained an alarming level and vigilant critical action is immediately required to save the lives of the populace and the National Health Service.

The speedy transmission of cases from the southern part to the northern part of the country has placed immense and challenging pressure on the staff of the NHS. Somerset, Gloucestershire, and parts of the southwest are now categorized into Tier 4. Everyone is strictly advised to stay at home for their safety and most significantly to curb its’ spread.

North East Somerset, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol are placed in Tier Three. There were plenty of emergent calls concerning the delay of the reopening of all schools after the Christmas Holiday Season for the first two weeks of the incoming term 2021 of the primary schools and the secondary schools.

Cabinet Member Cllr Paul Brant for Public Health and City Council Cllr Simon officially declared in a nationwide statement of the recent lockdown to curb the inevitable spread of the new virus strain.

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