Businesses in Truro Record Exceedingly High Sales after Reopening

Businesses in Truro Record Exceedingly High Sales after Reopening
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Businesses in Truro recorded exceedingly high sales after they were reopened three weeks ago. According to the business leaders in Truro, a majority of businesses recorded sales that were beyond their expectations.

Most shop owners reported that last week’s sales were higher than the sales recorded in March before the lockdown. The owners had anticipated that most shoppers would be put off by long queues due to social distancing rules. However, the shoppers were not bothered by the long queues, as they patiently waited to be served.

Last week, Sports Direct and Primark stores recorded individual customer sales of about £1000 each. The Primark’s manager attributed the high-value sales to increased customer spending habits after the lockdown was lifted.

Cafés have also reopened and are offering takeaway drinks and food during the day. Similarly, they are making exceedingly high sales every day. Most shoppers have been seen ordering drinks at these cafés.

Truro’s BID noted that most of the businesses in the city had resumed normal operations. A statement released by the organization’s spokesperson indicated that customers have returned to the streets in good numbers, and this is a sign that the economy is recovering. The spokesperson is highly optimistic that the customer’s confidence will grow in the coming weeks.

Although the economy was still operational in early March, customer spending levels had decreased due to fear of coronavirus. Many shoppers feared to purchase items in crowded places for fear of contracting the virus. The situation worsened when the prime minister announced the national lockdown, with many businesses closing down due to low sales.

However, the government directed some businesses to resume operations in June but under strict guidelines. Businesses were required to ensure that all customers adhere to the social distancing rules to curb the spread of coronavirus.



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