Bullied Teenager Fights Back through Her Own Music Video

Bullied Teenager Fights Back through Her Own Music Video

Isabella Cambuli, a bullied teenager who has autism has strived hard to be a very good songwriter.

Isabella’s mental condition was in pieces according her teacher who has been home-schooling her and teaching her about music for 5 years.

However today, this harassed teen has fought back to her bullies through composing songs. She has already, in fact, made a video for her song Throne, now played on YouTube.

A teenager with autism who was so badly bullied at school that she couldn’t communicate has fought back to become a songwriter.

Her dad Valerio Cambuli and mom Kerensa Rogers were so alarmed about the extent of bullying that their daughter received; thus, they decided to remove her from a primary school in Truro five years back.

This inspiring teenager came from being unable to speak to composing and even belting her own compositions. Her mother said that Isabella received plenty of verbal backlashes back then. She further added that her daughter won’t acknowledge that she has autism and hates being labeled as one; thus, the whole bullying incident crashes her mental health and self-esteem rock bottom.

After their decision to remove her out from the primary school, Kerensa drives her daughter to be taught by Vikki St Leger, her counselor and music teacher.

Vikki said that she has been teaching music to this young lady for 10 years and homeschooling the lady for the last 5 years. She noted that Isabella was withdrawn, very depressed, and lonely. She was showing some difficult behaviors; her anxiety was at peak.

Vikki combined music and therapy during their session. She taught Isabella to play keyboard, saxophone, drum, guitar, and even the art of writing songs.

Throne was conceptualized by making a basic and safe platform to let her improvise and provoke the words from which the lyrics come from. The lyrics of the song speak about Isabella’s own experience and she sings it using her powerful vocals.

The song was already produced 4 years back, and recently, Isabella wanted to produce a video to present the song.

Aside from singing and songwriting, Isabella is a digital artist and an animator as well. She also loves performing and drama and hopes to pursue animation in college when she turns 16.

Kerensa is still surprised by the huge difference of Isabella now from the Isabella five years back. She thanks Vikki for making her daughter find herself, taking her out of the shell, and helping her grow confidently.


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