Bristol Teacher Exposes Ineffective Teaching


The testing of primary school pupils has been brought under strong scrutiny after a primary school teacher brought the matter to the attention of the public. The teacher was much concerned with the impacts of the SATS on both the learners and the teaching staff. Due to victimization, the teacher requested to remain anonymous but suggested that many teachers are considering their futures in the teaching profession. According to the teacher, learners from the top performing institutions were finding it hard to meet the entry behavior into secondary schools.

The SATS system is believed to lead to unrealistic expectations. This has led to a national debate. However, the government responded by abolishing the mandatory 7 years old national tests from 2023.

Implications Of The New Education System

The system has stretched both teachers and learners, and this is becoming unbearable. It has a negative impact on both the learning and the self-esteem of the learners. According to the teacher, the new system allows no time for a recap of past learned themes. The new system is lying on a weak foundation. Hence, it is not appropriate for learners.

The time allocated for covering the content in the new curriculum is not enough. Even the government is underfunding the new system of the curriculum. The short time for covering the content has disadvantaged the children who are struggling with the application of concepts that they rarely understand.

The children have become vulnerable as they rush to grasp the concept that doesn’t belong to their age bracket. This has made the mental health of the children deteriorate over time.

However, children need to be given enough time to grasp content in the curriculum, and they should find passion in their studies. A good education system should be geared towards making the learners fall in love with the concepts that are required to be learned.