Bristol Residents Without Water After Mains Burst


Hundreds of Bristol residents are without water after mains burst on Sunday. Some parts are experiencing low pressure while others have no water at all.

According to Bristol Water, the burst occurred at Royate Hill early in the morning. However, they announced that plans are underway to distribute bottled water to the six postcode areas that have been affected.

The agency admitted that the repair would take more time than anticipated. However, engineers at the site have decided to reroute the network first. Therefore, some of the affected areas will have water supply restored by the end of the day.

Whitehall region was the most affected, with over 800 homes having no water supply. Therefore, Bristol Water decided to send two tankers to the region to supply water to the residents. The residents were requested to bring their containers to fetch some water from the tankers.

Bristol Water spokesperson assured the residents that the water was enough for all of them. He, therefore, requested them to follow social distancing rules as they were queueing.

He went ahead to assure the residents that they have contacted all the people who are on the water priority register. However, he advised those who have not been contacted to contact the agency’s customer care.

The spokesperson noted that it was a large burst that required a lot of work and expertise to repair. He added that the network rerouting done by the engineers on the site would ensure that most of the affected regions have water by the end of the day.

However, Royate Hill region will go without water for some time to allow enough time for repairs.

Bristol residents took to social media to raise their complaints about the water crisis. Some were concerned that the loss of water supply could be disastrous.


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