Bristol hospital therapist posts “danger to patients”

Bristol hospital therapist posts “danger to patients”
Nick Bell

One of Bristol Royal Infirmary’s occupational therapist was called out as a “danger to patients,” according to what a tribunal heard.


Lisa Hetreed is suspended for a year by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) on January 14, Tuesday, because of incidents that could have caused major harm to the patient.


It is reported that the therapist committed various “medical mistakes” during her time in the mentioned hospital.


One such incident is when she failed to give oxygen to a patient that resulted in serious consequences.


“Her skill level was worse than newly qualified,” Hetreed’s line manager said. She worked between October 2014 to November 2016 at the acute stroke ward of Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) located in Malborough Street.


Additionally, Hetreed delayed a patient’s supposed discharge for four days without any proper reasons.


In April 2016, she also assessed a patient for apraxia based on the non-affected hand. Apraxia is a disorder that affects movement.


“She even asked what a cup was even if the patient was presenting high functionality,” HCPC said.


“[Miss Hetreed] recommended Patient F to be discharged to his home despite evidence of significant weakness in Patient F’s hand,” the council added. The name of the patient was replaced for privacy reasons.


On the other hand, the therapist’s representatives stood up for her and described that her work performance did not cause any concern or problems in the last two years before working in the acute stroke ward of the said hospital.


They added that Hetreed also faced “enormous, and at times increasing, several competencies to attain and relatively short deadlines to achieve them” but she managed to have a better performance nonetheless.


Even so, the therapist has resigned from Bristol NHS trust last December 2016 and took on various jobs that do not require any HCPC registration.


Currently, she is working at a ward for the mentally ill patients with different needs and behaviors as a Band 4 [occupational therapy] technician.



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