Bristol commits to prefab housing trails


With homelessness and rough sleeping a challenge in Bristol, the City Council says it is buying six modular Zed Pod homes as part of a trial of budget housing systems to tackle homelessness in the city.

The council has launched what it calls Housing Festival “to test and deliver innovative and affordable housing solutions over the next five years”.

The City council has identified sites around the city to trial prototype prefabricated housing types and Zed Pod will be the first to benefit from the intervention.

The city council is considering modular two-storey homes from Totally Modular, shipping container home conversions from ISO Spaces, a modular apartment from Tempo Housing, and a single storey unit from We Can Make.

The city hopes the prototypes will help develop scalable and long-term solutions.

“The council is completely behind the Bristol Housing Festival. We will support them in using the city as a laboratory for housing innovation, making available a variety of sites. Some of these will seem ‘impossible’ – some will be between, on top of or even underneath existing buildings,” Paul Smith, city council cabinet member for housing, said in a statement.

According to him, “we are inviting ideas from all over the world and saying let’s be imaginative, let’s challenge, and let’s be prepared, if necessary, to fail and try again,”

According to Mayor Marvin Rees, “The festival can turn the city in to a living exhibition of the latest and most innovative approaches to housing and finding the best way of tackling our housing crisis.”



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