Bristol City Center Roads Closed After Man Tries to Take His Own Life from Roof


Bristol and neighbouring town’s emergency services were called to a building on Park Street after a man tries to kill his own life by jumping from the roof.

The police were called about the incident at 9:30 AM yesterday and immediately responded to the welfare concern call. They arrived at the property where the man was found to be standing on top of a roof of a building in Park Street, trying to kill himself due to depression. Emergency response services from Avon and Somerset also responded to this welfare concern that leads to the closure of roads in the city centre yesterday morning. There were four police cars and two vans in the incident area, as well as the South Western Ambulance Service ready to bring the noted suicidal to the hospital if he had jumped from the roof. The man was convinced on the negotiations of the response services and had voluntarily come down from the building at 10:30 AM. Police have taped the area as investigations were going on.

This incident brought a diversion of traffic as Park Street has been closed due to this incident. First West of England’s official Twitter account (@FirstBSA) has posted a service update as to which roads were closed due to the welfare concern call. Public transports were diverted to different routes as well. Updates are continually rolling out as the investigation continues and emergency service groups would post or declare when the road traffics resume.

People are also called to be aware of anyone, friend or family members, who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, and give ample support to them. These feelings can be treated through responding firsthand to signs of these mentioned emotions and giving enough emotional support. Should you also know anyone who is experiencing depression and anxiety, call Samaritan’s hotlines at 116 and 123.


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