Bristol Cancels Public Events due to Coronavirus until July

Bristol Cancels Public Events due to Coronavirus until July

Bristol authorities announced the cancellation of all public events until the end of July. This comes in the wake of a lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Among the popular events cancelled are the Bristol Pride and the Harbour Festival. Harbour Festival is a popular public event that is held annually in the city to celebrate its maritime heritage as well as the significance of its harbour and docks.

Bristol Council said that the decision was in line with the government’s directive on non-essential contacts, mass gatherings, and social distancing. These measures are meant to slow down the spread of coronavirus through body contacts.

The statement released by the council stated that events scheduled for July may also be postponed or cancelled. However, the council noted that any future cancellations or postponement will be done after consultations with the relevant stakeholders.

The statement advised the members of the public and event organizers that the council will not be receiving new events applications until further notice.

The city’s mayor, Marvin Rees, sympathized with the residents as he termed the cancellation as a necessary move to prevent a health crisis. He added that the council was forced to cancel the events to protect the vulnerable as advised by the government.

Mr Rees noted that the events are significant to the Bristol people as they provide jobs to the locals. He added that the city had greatly benefited from the previous events as they attracted new investments.

Mr Rees appealed to the people to understand the reasons for cancellation and bear with the situation as they hope for a brighter future.

The announcement sparked mixed reactions as most residents expressed their disappointments. Destination Bristol termed the move as a huge blow to the general public, volunteers and organizers of the affected events.

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