Bristol Allows Outdoors as City Eases Lockdown Restrictions

Bristol Allows Outdoors as City Eases Lockdown Restrictions
St. George Park

Bristol sees partial daylight after months of lockdown as citizens finally get to enjoy their first weekend under eased restrictions.

The relaxation of rules followed after the government’s management to slow down the ongoing global pandemic cases in the city. Despite the good indications so far, the government still emphasizes the importance of hygiene and social distancing rules outside.

People are now permitted to spend leisure time outdoors, including going to the parks, having picnics, and spending time with friends. Locations such as Brandon Hill, St. George Park, and Ashton Court Estate are prominent spots to jog, stroll, and enjoy the breath of fresh air from these greenscapes at the same time.

The opening of these spots follows the announcement of the Bristol council to reopen parks on May 14, 2020.

Another leisure activity sports fans are allowed to is playing tennis. The sports association highlights the applicability of tennis with regards to social distancing, making sure close contact is minimal. In this case, the council relays that not all courts are open, as well as other sports gyms, to minimise community transmissions.

Also, residents can now visit other households and spend time catching up after during lockdown. After that, they can visit selected food shops as businesses have resumed, provided that they offer takeaway and delivery services.

Online reservations are taken leverage nowadays, not only for faster transactions but also to ensure minimal contact of resources as well.

Beaches are also now open if people want to go sunbathing, imposing no limits on how far they can go the countryside as long as they are within the England premises.

Although community activities are now allowed, above all of these relaxations, a 2-meter distancing rule is still emphasised.

Failure to comply with the regulations incurs fines starting at £100, lowered down to £50 when paid within $50. If repeat offenses are committed, penalties can double and surge up to £3,200.

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