Bridgwater Town Lose 2-3 To Ashton & Backwell United in Pre-Season Friendly Match

Bridgwater Town Lose 2-3 To Ashton & Backwell United in Pre-Season Friendly Match
Bridgwater Town's Fairfax Park. Picture: Debbie Gould.

Bridgwater town lost 2-3 when they visited Ashton & Backwell United. The visitors could only manage a brace of penalties, as the home team scored thrice.

The Western League Division 1 side looked dangerous at the start, as Saul Jarrat and James White tested the goalkeeper. The game was coupled with great tackles, making it resemble a Western League encounter.

Joe Bishop nodded home a corner from Saul Jarrat to give the host an early lead. A few minutes later, the visitor’s goalkeeper, Jake Viney made a mistake, which earned the home team a penalty. Calum Townsend took the penalty and scored, giving the host a comfortable 2-0 lead.

Minutes later, Bridgwater Town’s effort paid off as Llewellyn earned the team its first goal through a penalty bringing the score to 2-1. The goal reduced the arrears and motivated the visitors as they tried to get an equalizer.

In the second half, the host earned a two-goal advantage, as Jordan Scadding netted to bring the score to 3-1. Minutes later, Jarrat’s close-range shot hit the goalpost and was deflected out and denied the host another goal.

Lewis Coombs pushed away Sam Towler’s volley to deny the visitors a goal. However, Dave Pearse was fouled minutes later, and the referee granted the third penalty of the match to the visitors.

The visitor earned their second goal after Taylor scored the penalty bringing the score to 3-2. The Robins seemed comfortable throughout the remainder of the match as they maintained the lead.

The Robins are set to meet two South West Peninsula teams in the coming week as part of their long trail of pre-season friendlies. On the other hand, Bridgwater Town is set to prepare for the FA Emirates Cup in September.


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