Bridgwater Included in the £3.6 Billion Town Funding of the UK Government

Bridgwater Included in the £3.6 Billion Town Funding of the UK Government

Bridgwater was named among the 100 places in the United Kingdom to enjoy the advantages of the £3.6 billion Towns Fund provided by the government.

The areas included have economic and industrial legacies but have not yet experienced growth economically.

Hon. Robert Jenrick who is the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government reiterated that one of the missions of the UK government is to provide opportunities for prosperity to every single citizen in the entire country. They aim to enhance the living standards and productivity of towns so that they can adapt to the economic transformation evident in the technology, infrastructure, and culture.

Jenrick will collaborate with locals coming from the 100 places included in the financial allocation. The government offers up to £25m of investment in each area. He genuinely hopes that these transactions will be for a long-term revitalization that guarantees a bright future for everyone.

This monetary support for Bridgwater builds on their venture through £43.57 million of the Local Growth Fund. It continues to provide remarkable developments like the Innovation Centre in Somerset and Energy Park in Huntspill.

Hon. Jake Berry, the Minister for Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth, also expressed his sentiments on the matter. He said that they are leaving the European Union this October 31. They will be investing back in areas like that of Glastonbury and Bridgwater to help them flourish. This is to level up the regions and propel the country towards unity.

Hon. Ian Liddell-Grainger who is the Member of Parliament for Bridgwater and West Somerset is glad that Bridgwater is among the towns to benefit in the allocation.

Moreover, the Sedgemoor District Council is pleased to know that the town might benefit from a share of the said Towns Fund.

The UK government is currently set to publish a guide on the process of how to avail the said funding. They also plan to establish clear eligibility criteria for everyone to follow.

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