Bridgwater Firefighters Rescue Two Victims of Car Crash Fire

Bridgwater Firefighters Rescue Two Victims of Car Crash Fire

It was a traumatising day for road users on Glastonbury Road on the 4th of May 2021. This was as a result of a horrible car crash that involved two vehicles. Each of the cars had one person on board.

Firefighters from Bridgwater, Street and Glastonbury saved the day by responding to the call immediately.

Unfortunately, traffic police had to close the A361 road at Greylake Fosse, Middlezoy, at around 6 pm to clear the vehicles from the road. The closure led to a little traffic jam as the police and firefighters strived to save the drivers’ lives.

It, however, did not take long for the traffic state to normalise, thanks to the firefighters’ skills and effective equipment.

According to the spokesperson, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, the crews reported one person trapped in each car. Two more fire engines were deployed to the spot following the nature of the incident. There was also a need for extra help to get the casualties out safely.

The extra fire engines came from Wells and Bridgwater. The casualties were in a state of trauma and helplessness and needed immediate rescue.

The firefighters’ quick response saved their lives as they could have otherwise succumbed to the enormous fire. They managed to release the crash’s casualties safely and quickly using their hydraulic rescue equipment.

There was a need to transport the casualties to the hospital fast to save their lives. After careful consideration of the state of the two drivers, a quick decision had to be made. One of the drivers was in a worse state than the other and needed to reach the hospital faster.

This driver was therefore transported to the hospital via air ambulance. However, the other casualty was found in a better state and could wait longer before receiving medical attention. Therefore, the latter was transported to the hospital using a road ambulance.

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