Bridgewater’s Mayor-Elect Recommends Public Advocate For Issues Concerning Development

Bridgewater’s Mayor-Elect Recommends Public Advocate For Issues Concerning Development
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Matt Moench, the Mayor-elect of Bridgewater, had an unsuccessful attempt in preventing the Centre of Excellence’s controversial application hearing on Monday evening.

He has since proposed creating a post for a public advocate. The advocate will be in charge of representing the public for matters concerning major developments or redevelopments before the planning committee.

Moench was the winner of the election – with a landslide victory – and will serve as the mayor for 4 years. He believes that appointing an advocate for the public will take steps to ensure the public’s trust and protecting the public from overdevelopment in the future.

The position must be occupied by an attorney. The attorney will act as a representative of the public at meetings before the planning committee on projects that are in the jurisdiction of the town’s council. Moench explained that the advocate of the public is held accountable to the people alone. Politicians don’t have jurisdiction over the advocate of the public.

Moench’s platform during the elections was based on the improvement of the Centre of Excellence and against over redevelopment.

Moench ensures the public that he is enthusiastic about working alongside the public and the council to implement protective measures to ensure that the town develops in the best way and that the quality of lives is not affected by redevelopment.

The mayor-elect’s suit was filed last week to the Superior court. Its goal was to prevent the planning committee from having a meeting concerning the proposal for the Centre of Excellence.

He explained that the meeting was not properly scheduled and was a ploy to hasten the application prior to Hayes’s departure from the mayor position on the planning committee on the 31st of December, 2019.

The application is for a project of 145,890 square feet and includes the development of a restaurant, hotel, commercial, and many multi-family living units that will be low to moderate income units.

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