Bridgewater Nursing Home Treated to a Unique Parade by the Pipe Band

Bridgewater Nursing Home Treated to a Unique Parade by the Pipe Band

On March 17th 2021, the Pipe Band performed for the Bridgewater Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. The Pipe Band, which comprised of drummers and bagpipers, paraded around the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to celebrate St. Patrick Day.

Many residents watched through the windows in the bedrooms. With the help of staff at the facility, the residents made special handwritten signs and taped them in the windows to thank the band and wish them a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

The special performance was organized by Joshua Nytch, who is a piper in the band and has performed for over a decade. According to Joshua, he helped organize the performance so that his mother, who was in the Bridgewater Nursing Home, would watch the 2021’s parade.

His mother was admitted to the facility about three weeks ago. Joshua and the rest of the band saw it fit to take the performance to her and other residents who were stuck in the facility and could not go to the parade.

He went on to say that it was a good chance for the band to give back to the community. It was an even more special day for Joshua since this was the first time his mother got to hear him perform.

According to Bridgewater Nursing Home’s assistant administrator, Paul Suhadolnik, they were very grateful that the band performed for them.

Paul said that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day was not usual for residents and staff at facility. Normally, Paul said that the residents would go to the parade that is usually held around the corner. He was happy that the residents were treated to a parade right at the facility.

The band visited other homes in several other nursing homes in Bridgewater where they got to perform for the residents and gave them a chance to celebrate the holiday.

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