Boxing club aims to help Cornwall locals

Boxing club aims to help Cornwall locals
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Martial arts have existed for thousands of years already. Millions of people around the world, whether young or old, have mastered it. There are many types of martial arts. There is Karate, Taekwondo, or Muay Thai, to name a few. Not only does martial arts allow training the body physically but also mentally and even spiritually.

Newquay Boxing Academy is a boxing club founded by Richard Powers in February 2018.
Powers was a police officer for 9 years and had used boxing as a strategy to get kids off the street and to set them straight. The club is open to everyone regardless of social class. It also opens to those who were caught in a bad situation even with terms of the law. Powers highlights that boxing reaches all grassroots whether they have been in trouble with the law to well-off people. The club treats all its members like family. It creates a healthy and encouraging environment for everyone to reach their goals whether to get physically healthy or to be part of boxing competitions.

Brad Pauls regularly goes to the club to help members improve. Pauls is a local of the town and is now a professional boxer. Pauls’ brother and nephew are also members of the academy. Some of its members have seen boxing as addicting which led them to compete and represent England even. Some of its members have channeled some adversities in their life such as bullying and aggression into boxing. These results are only a few of the many positive effects the academy has on its members.

The club is located at Treviglas Sports Hub, Newquay and is open, three times a week. The club currently has more than 190 members with 22 registered boxers: 12 juniors and 10 seniors, respectively. Each session has an average of 22-34 members.

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