Book Shop in Bridgwater Damaged by Heavy Rainfall

Book Shop in Bridgwater Damaged by Heavy Rainfall

The shopfront of a book shop in Bridgwater was partially damaged by the heavy rainfall that has caused massive damage in the town. The owner, Sam Carr, said that she was shocked to see a part of the shop front come down following the heavy rains.

Mrs Carr runs The Snug bookshop that is located at East Quay in Bridgwater. She also manages a café located next to the bookshop. However, the café survived the heavy downpour as it was not damaged at all.

Mrs Carr lamented that she had not received any support from the local authorities despite making numerous calls. However, she said that she is thinking of repairing the shop immediately.

She noted that it is frustrating to see the shop getting damaged weeks after reopening after four months of closure. She added that small businesses might collapse if the country continues experiencing heavy rainfall and floods.

She went ahead and posted images of her damaged shop on social media. She was overwhelmed by the support messages she received from her customers, other bookshops, and reading enthusiasts.

Some volunteered to donate books to the bookshop once the repairs are complete. Others encouraged her to carry on as they are behind her. One customer promised to visit the shop and help Mrs Carr with repair materials.

Heavy rains have been witnessed in Bridgwater and other towns in the UK in the last few weeks. At some places, buildings and streets were submerged, and sections of the roads were damaged.

Although the Met Office has been issuing weather forecast updates, they have failed to issue warnings to the residents living and working in areas that are likely to experience floods.

It is yet to be seen what the local authorities will do to cushion small businesses from the devastating effects of heavy rainfall and floods.


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