Black Lives Matter Supporter’s Event Held in Truro with Celebrations and Laying of Flowers

Black Lives Matter Supporter’s Event Held in Truro with Celebrations and Laying of Flowers
Roger Blackwell/Flickr

Black Lives Matter supporters congregated once more in Truro on Sunday, June 21. The Black Lives Matter event was held at Lemon Quay, where the supporters had gathered as one to celebrate black culture, business, and art.

The event was dubbed “BLM Truro” and was held to celebrate the excellence of black people.  The organizers had earlier said that the event was meant for black artists, business people, and musicians to promote themselves in the Cornish community.

Among notable individuals in attendance was Amber Smith. Ms. Smith was one of the organizers of the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests that took place in Truro on Sunday, June 7. While addressing the supporters, Ms. Smith noted that the event brought real change in Cornwall, by creating a sense of community for black people.

Ms. Smith added that the Cornish community had shown more support for black people than other larger cities and counties with diverse races. She encouraged people to share their experiences of living and growing up in Cornwall.

The organizers led the supporters in laying of flowers at the war memorial in Truro before congregating at Lemon Quay. The flowers were laid to signify unity and solidarity of the supporters after a skirmish between two factions of the group last week.

The BLM supporters laid the flowers at the memorial at 11:00 am after confrontations with the ex-Armed Forces who were guarding the century-old statue in the memorial. The guards feared that the supporters would vandalize the statue if granted access.

The organizers were able to negotiate with the guards, and the supporters were allowed to lay their flowers in pairs. The onlookers and bystanders applauded the supporters for paying their respect to the fallen.

The organizers thanked the supporters for their unwavering support and solidarity with the black people in Cornwall.


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