Bishop of Truro Urge Christians to Get Used to the New Normal

Bishop of Truro Urge Christians to Get Used to the New Normal
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The Bishop of Truro, Rt Revd Mounstephen, has urged the faithful Christians and all of Cornwall residents to adapt to the new life after the pandemic. The bishop said these words in his written chapter that was published by Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum.

Revd Mounstephen notes that the new normal calls for extra caution and safety from everybody. He notes that the post-pandemic life will be completely different from what existed before the pandemic struck.

The chapter titled,  A Fair and Just Future for Cornwall, was written by drawing from the views of business, faith-based, community, and voluntary organization’s representatives.

The bishop will present it to the council leadership and the MPs. It is expected that it will be discussed by the council cabinet members and the councilors. Then, they will give their feedback to the bishop.

One of the highlights of the chapter is the value of hope and individual responsibility. In this section, the bishop urges every resident to follow the safety guidelines issued by the government and try to fit in the new “normal.”

He further emphasizes the importance of having hope that the pandemic will be contained in due time. He urges people to have hope that their businesses will recover, and they will regain financial stability.

The bishop reminds people about the threats to human life, including global warming, poverty, and pandemics. He notes that these threats have made life on earth unsustainable and miserable.

The pandemic has changed how people live as it has cut off the normal social interactions. People are advised to wear masks and maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter from each other at all times. The bishop believes that this has affected the social life of humans, but there is nothing to do about it except to live with it.


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