Best Ranked Secondary Schools In Somerset


According to details released by the Department of Education, Backwell School is leading the rest of the institutions in Somerset. The ranking is based on the performance in 2018’s GCSE. Several subjects like English, Mathematics and others have been ranked in order to get an average score of 8.

Students from Backwell School had an average score of 54.7 per individual in last year’s GCSE results. The Department of Education released the Figures yesterday. The average mean score in the whole of the United Kingdom was 46.4, indicating that the school had performed exemplary.

Somerset’s Best Performers in 2018 GCSE

The following is a list of the best performing secondary schools in Somerset in the just-released results of 2018 GCSE:

  1. Backwell School
  2. The King of Wessex Academy
  3. The Castle School
  4. Sexey’s School
  5. Gordano School
  6. Churchill Academy and Sixth Form
  7. The Blue School
  8. Chrispin School Academy
  9. Katherine’s School
  10. Huish Episcopi Academy

According to comments from Nansi Ellis, the Assistant General Secretary of the National Educational Union, the performance is not a reliable indicator of the school’s effectiveness. The grade one in the primary school cannot be used to identify a student’s performance in 5 years in secondary school. This is what is being used in the Progress 8 Measure used in the ranking of these schools.

Schools from socially and economically marginalized areas are always disadvantaged by the ranking system. Schools that serve poorer communities will always tend to be disadvantaged by the system. Academic performance is normally affected by poverty scales in the area.

The Education Secretary has been requested to stop using this ranking criterion and use criteria that portrays the true picture of the work and achievement of the schools.