Be prepared! Falmouth Weather Forecast Warned of Heavy Rainfall this Week

Be prepared! Falmouth Weather Forecast Warned of Heavy Rainfall this Week
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Rainfall is not so much of a threat in Falmouth. The Cornwall county town in the UK experiences rainfall all year-round.

However, there are seasonal variations in the monthly rains. Like it is in every place, depending on the prevailing condition’s intensity, different challenges are experienced during each weather phase.

Falmouth is currently in its wet, cold, exceedingly windy, and long winter season. A yellow weather warning has been given to it and the surrounding area, as torrents of downpours caused by storm Christoph are expected this week.

The total rain forecast is expected to be over 100mm over the hills and could approach 200mm locally.

Continuous heavy rain could cause some disruptions in life and daily activities. Here are what you can expect:

  • Travel disruptions
  • Disruption of some business activities
  • Driving difficulty due to flooding of roads
  • Journey time taking longer, as transport services could be affected
  • Flooding of homes and businesses
  • Properties could be destroyed.
  • Some likely interruptions to power supplies and other services
  • Colder weather

It is essential to make people aware of the situation so that they can prepare well ahead and take necessary precautions. The warning is already in place and will last through Thursday.

In light of this, you may want to consider rescheduling your journey if you’ve already scheduled one. You might also need to take precautionary measures against flood in your home.

Moreover, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on food in case you don’t already have enough at home to last you through the period of the rain, should businesses such as eatery or grocery store or the delivery guy are not able to function.

Finally, in the eventuality that the power supply is interrupted, you might want to consider getting an alternative, if possible, to heat your home against the cold, cook your food, and do some other necessary things.

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