Badger Confusion Causes Vandalisation Of Devon Golf Course By Mindless Animal Rights Campaigners


Police are looking for three people believed to be connected to the vandalising of the Devon Golf Course. CCTV images of the three suspects have been released by the police.

The vandals damaged several greens on the course and sprayed words on signboards and the roads at the golf club. Animal activists who accused the golf club of blocking off a badger sett on their land are suspected to be behind the damages.

The golf club was accused last month of dumping rubble on a badger’s sett. Several pictures were shared online as proof, but the club refuted the claims saying that the claims were completely false.

It is believed that the activists may have damaged the club’s property as a revenge mission. The signs and roads leading up to the golf course were sprayed with the word killers. The 1st and 17th holes were damaged by holes dug up by the vandals.

The Royal North Devon Golf Course rebuked the incident on a post on their Facebook page and requested members of the public to report anyone who brags of the crime to the police or the club. They also noted the irony of the situation since the said animal activists who fight to protect animals left the burrows gate open. Luckily, none of the horses or sheep got out.

The club also released a post and a few photos to prove that there was no badger sett on the land.

Bideford Police said in a Facebook post that there were reports of criminal damage to the Royal North Devon Golf Club possibly carried out between Monday 22nd in the evening and Tuesday 23rd in the morning in April.

Devon police spokesman said that no one had been arrested then and requested anyone who knows the men in the CCTV images to call 101 quoting CR/035273/19.


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