Archbishop Benson School in Truro Close Over Coronavirus Cases

Archbishop Benson School in Truro Close Over Coronavirus Cases

Archbishop Benson Primary School, located in Truro, was closed last week after three coronavirus cases were confirmed.

The school management invited the public health team to the school after some pupils developed coronavirus symptoms. Upon testing, the students were found to have been infected with the virus.

The health officials immediately notified Cornwall Council about the situation. Then the council issued a statement about the matter.

In the statement, the council directed that the school remain closed until deep cleaning is done. The parents were requested to bear with the situation because the closure was a precautionary measure to ensure the staff and students’ safety.

Parents were advised to monitor their children while at home and report any symptoms to the health officials. However, the council advised the parents not to take their children for coronavirus testing unless they develop the three main coronavirus symptoms.

The staff were requested to quarantine themselves and also take the test to confirm their status. Those students who were reported to have made contact with the infected students were also taken for testing.

The director of public health in the council, Rachel Wigglesworth, said that the school made a difficult decision to ensure the students, staff, and their families are safe.

Ms Wigglesworth acknowledged that the closure will create a burden to the parents, and this may bring about childcare crises in some families. However, she noted that it was better to have the students safe at home.

The school is expected to be reopened next week, but the reopening date has not yet been agreed on. However, there is a possibility that the school will reopen on Monday, October 12, because the cleaning and fumigation exercise is complete.

The school management will consult with the health officials and the council before announcing the reopening date.

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