Anxious Students Return to Bristol University

Anxious Students Return to Bristol University

In Bristol University students have started going back to school. According to Jessica Choi, a student at the city center campus of Victorian villas, students have mixed feelings of going back to class.

While students are eager to meet their friends, they are worried about the risk of contracting coronavirus due to thousands of students on campus and in-person teaching.

Jessica noted that, just like most students, she is excited to see everyone, but is still very worried that the campus is unsafe. She further stated that online teaching has been difficult to grasp.

20 years old Jessica said that students in the campus are flouting the Covid19 rules. She also noted that some students are still parting, and no one seems to be worried about contracting the virus.

However, contrary to Jessica’s remarks, another student Bella Smith, noted that students are being blamed for the failure of government. She said that over summer, most young people were encouraged to go and support ridiculous businesses.

Smith noted that over the summer, most students have been working in supermarkets, bars and other workplaces. She noted that the students were highly likely to have contracted the virus in workplaces rather than in a school where they are much safer.

Another student Luke Topley, 20, stated that all age groups have a group of people who are irresponsible, and that the government should aim at dealing with individuals rather than age groups. He said that a few young people are well behaved and follow all the COVID-19 rules.

Thousands of first year students are expected to join the university this month. However, they will not be introduced to university life like others. For the first few weeks, they will be allowed to socialize with only a few students.  Other events are likely to be held online until the ban on gatherings is lifted.




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