Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Torquay Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Torquay Cancelled due to Coronavirus

The annual remembrance ceremony that is usually held in Torquay will not take this place year due to coronavirus pandemic. The popular parade is usually held on a Sunday that is nearest to the end of the World War I anniversary.

World War I ended on November 11, 1918, when Germany and other allies signed an agreement after the invasion of America.

Since then, remembrance ceremonies have been held on the streets of Torquay and other towns in the UK to commemorate the day when the deadly war came to an end. The national resemblance parade is usually held in London where people march past the monument.

However, since large gatherings are prohibited by the national government due to the risk of spreading coronavirus, Torbay Council has decided to cancel the Torquay’s event. Instead, there will be a wreath-laying ceremony that will only be attended by a few selected guests.

In the wreath-laying ceremony, those in attendance will be required to keep social distance and wear face masks throughout the ceremony. Additionally, unlike in the previous annual remembrance  ceremonies, there will be no speeches because the event will only take a few minutes.

In the previous ceremonies, over 50 organizations have been participating in laying the wreath and giving speeches. However, only a few organizations have been invited this year.

The wreath-laying ceremony will take place at Prince Gardens memorial park. However, the council has requested the members of the public not to attend the event due to the risk of contracting coronavirus.

The council leader requested the residents to observe two minutes of silence outside their houses. He noted that the council is trying to balance between showing respect for the war heroes and protecting the residents from contracting coronavirus.

More information about when the event will take place will be released before November 8.

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