An Old Driver Attempts to Park A Car in Newton Abbot but Ends Up Flipping It


An elderly driver experienced a shock as their car accidentally flips in Newton Abbot. They were supposed to park their vehicle when the unfortunate event took place.

The incident happened just 50 yards away from the area’s police station. It was in the vicinity of Baker Hills to be exact.

There were two other elderly people who were on board the automobile.

The car reportedly fell six feet, rolled over, and then flipped. It was said to be trapped between a small wall and a building.

Sergeant Olly Tayler of the Devon and Cornwall Police released pictures of the car through Twitter. He tweeted that it was the first job of his shift and was certainly shocking.

Their team along with the firemen and medics were all present in the scene to give help. They quickly responded. They also made sure that the persons involved in the accident were all safe and given medical attention.

Gratefully, everyone was out of the vehicle in no time. The elderly driver and passengers only had minor injuries. Their recovery would be quite interesting though, something that their team will monitor to ensure that everything will be alright.

Furthermore, one of the police representatives reiterated that a large-arm crane will be required to recover the vehicle who flipped. This will likely be a challenging job for them, but they are up for the task.

Nevertheless, what is important is that no one was greatly harmed by the incident.

May this occurrence serve as a warning to every single car user to be extra careful in driving and handling their automobiles.

Being extra alert when driving is a must. When parking, it would be best to thoroughly examine the safety of your surroundings. Your well-being and that of your passengers need to come first. Drive and park safely!


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