About a Third of Adults in Devon Has Been Vaccinated Against Covid-19

About a Third of Adults in Devon Has Been Vaccinated Against Covid-19

The latest NHS England figures have shown that about one out of three adults of Devon has been vaccinated against Covid-19. Approximately 355,271 vaccines have been delivered in Devon, wherein 342,397 are the first dose. In the last one week, 70,000 vaccinations were given out.

Devon has the highest number of vaccinations, with 34.2 per cent of its population having been vaccinated. According to statistics, 78,039 people aged over 80 years have been given their first vaccination.

Around 57,413 people between the age of 75 and 79 have received their first vaccination, which is 104.3 per cent of the targeted population. Those between 70 and 74 years have been given the first dose as of Sunday.

Around 133,837 people aged under 70 years in the health and social care settings and some of those from the first list have received their first vaccination as of Sunday. This calculates to 17 per cent of the sum who are under 70 years.

According to Cllr ROGER Croad, who is the cabinet member of public health, 8 of the 283 older people care homes are awaiting a vaccination visit.

He says that this is because the care homes have significant outbreaks that are prohibiting vaccinations. However, 88 per cent of the residents have been vaccinated. Also, 78 per cent of the staff have been given their dose.

The vaccine is being given using five methods around Devon. According to the national guidance, the four county’s leading hospitals in Barnstaple, Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay are focusing on the priority groups.

On the other hand, GP practices are collaborating to set up vaccination centres in the localities and across the county. There are 20 operational centres set up to serve all of Devon practices.

Facilities led by GP are delivering the vaccine in care homes to residents and the staff. Pharmacies are the vaccine at Home Park in Plymouth and WestPoint Arena, where thousands of vaccines are being delivered daily. Cornwall has given the vaccines to 163,549 people, which is 34.4 per cent of the adult population.

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