A Young Driver Tests Positive for Drugs in Cornwall

A Young Driver Tests Positive for Drugs in Cornwall

A young and newly-qualified driver tested positive for drugs in Cornwall on Saturday. The driver was stopped by the police who were on patrol that evening.

The incident happened in Helston. The young driver was stopped and directed to take a roadside DrugWipe test. He failed the test as he tested positive for cocaine.

The team of police officers manning Cornwall and Devon roads announced the incident on Twitter. They said that the young driver was suspected of being a cannabis user after failing the test.

The statement further indicated that drug use is a sure way that makes one lose a driving licence. The statement was accompanied by hashtags #NoExcuse, #KeepingOthersSafe, and #Learn2Live.

In March 2015, the government introduced a new legislation to regulate driving in the United Kingdom. According to the new law, the police are allowed to perform roadside testing for drugs whenever they suspect drivers of driving under the influence of drugs.

The test has two main processes: screening and confirmation. The testing process involves placing of saliva on the testing kit, and the results are confirmed after five minutes. Strips of an immunoassay that have antibodies bind the drug components, making them visible on the testing kit.

The test can detect about seven types of drugs including cocaine, cannabis, ketamine, opiates, benzodiazepines, and methamphetamines. Distinctive red lines appear when there are traces of drugs on the sample being tested.

Lately, there has been a concern over the reliability and specificity of the test. However, the test result usually gives over 95% confidence levels, making it more reliable.

Since the legislation of the DrugWipe test, police in the UK have been conducting random tests on drivers throughout the country. The drivers are required to comply and take the test whenever directed to do so by the police officers.

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