A Scoundrel Agent begins his seven-year sentence after a Smart Fraud

Tony Atkin/Geograph

A Scoundrel agent who worked as an Estate Agent in Truro was given an additional 10 months sentence to an already long-existing sentence after successfully deceiving his costumers to an investment swindle.

Gareth Griffith is a 39-year-old male who was imprisoned at Blackfriars Crown Court for seven years due to his involvement in a complex investment fraud where 1,200 people all over the world have been scammed of up to £4 million.

Not only that, but Griffith also deceived his costumers at a period where he worked at Martin & Co Letting and Estate Agents which was located in New Bridge Street, Truro. This happened between February to June 2017.

It was reported live that Griffith had to show himself at Truro Crown Court to be condemned for committing fraud three times in a row, but even with his absence, the court proceeded with the case against him.

While he was employed at Martin and Co., he sent overpriced invoices to his costumers and kept the extra money for himself. Griffith unashamedly pocketed the extra money he got from his invoices while he was working as a property manager at the said company.

Judge Robert Linford condemned him guilty for three fraud offences while being temporarily released for other offences. He explicitly mentioned how Griffith earned almost £10,000 from 2 different scams and had another pulled out with a gain of £7,000.

The judge added that he found a lot of character references who spoke well of Griffith, saying how difficult it was without him helping them, his fiancé, and relatives. Even with this information, Judge Linford still added 10 months to Griffith’s existing seven-year sentence.

In compensation to Griffith’s actions, Martin & Co. paid back in full those clients who were affected by the scam caused by Griffith.


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