A Sad End for a Newquay Care Assistant

A Sad End for a Newquay Care Assistant
Rod Allday/ Geograph.org.uk

A fifty one (51) year old man from Newquay was found hanging from a tree by a police officer few meters from Treloggan Industrial Estate.

The man was recognized as Darren Howe, a care assistant and who was previously under police investigation. He stayed sometime at mental health institution while being interviewed. It was not stated yet why Mr. Howe was under investigation.

The widowed Julie Howe and the rest of the family members expressed their grief and disappointments on how the police officers treated Darren and how they responded when he was reported missing.

Before Darren was reported missing, he told his physician that he was stressed and anxious about the investigation. This matter was discussed to his wife, but the next day, he was already missing.

In an interview, Mrs. Howe narrates the observable change in behaviour of her husband. She said that her husband did no longer talk to her and neglected his personal hygiene. She received a text message from her husband that he was so sorry and he how he loves her so much.

Last April 18, Mr. Howe said that he would do some work at their daughter’s residence in Trispen but did not return at six thirty in the evening. He was reported missing, was found and was brought to Longreach mental health suite to be checked.

Mrs. Howe told Longreach that she would pick up her husband if they would release him but Longreach already discharged her husband.

Mr. Howe was given beta blockers to aid in his anxiety.

Last April 29, Sunday morning, was the last time he was seen.

Mrs. Howe filed complains to Longreach for it seems that they failed her husband completely. Reports from Longreach shows that Mr. Howe was not suicidal but there is an incident where he told his GP that he was thinking of hanging himself or crashing his car on the first time he was reported missing.

The suicide of Darren Howe moves mental health institution to improve their services and to make effective communication to the relatives of the patients. Police centres are also advised to train more in dealing with persons with mental health issues.

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