A Residential Care Home in Newquay Caught Fire; Residents had to be Evacuated

A Residential Care Home in Newquay Caught Fire; Residents had to be Evacuated

A residential care home located in Newquay has caught fire recently and residents had to be evacuated. Were it not for the fire service, many lives could have potentially been lost. It’s a good thing they were contacted as soon as possible or things could have gotten worse.

Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers were in the vicinity at a residential care home on Sunday afternoon of the 3rd of November attending to the reports of a fire outbreak at the premises. Residents were then quickly evacuated from the property and no lives were recorded lost during the inspections of the fire department

Cornwall’s fire service department said that lives could’ve been lost due to the occupants’ vulnerability at the care home. The incident was labelled ‘persons reported’. The emergency service’s spokesperson stated that a 999 call was received by critical control reporting that a residential care home was on fire. This call was said to have been received at 4.17 pm on November 3.

Perranporth Community Fire Station offered one equipment while Newquay Community Fire Station provided two equipment, alongside a whole-time station manager, to help neutralize the situation. A group manager was also seen stationed at control to monitor the whole duration of the incident. The ambulance and police service were also present on the site if worse comes to worst.

When the crews arrived on the scene of the incident, they found that a cooker had a small fire burning inside of it, but he was out upon their arrival. The crews inspected the entire property to find out the instigating cause of the fire and found that the same small fire in the cooker has started the whole thing. The fire was confined to the cooker, and the outbreak was deemed accidental by the fire service departments that were on the scene.

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