A Request for Visitors to Stop Abusing Workers in Shops, Pubs and Restaurants

A Request for Visitors to Stop Abusing Workers in Shops, Pubs and Restaurants
Plymouth Herald

Respect is a gesture that shows how much you care for others. If there is no respect at all, living in this world would be disastrous. There is a dire need to respect all people regardless of their age, skin color, gender, work, religion, or even their status in society.

Some people say that you must earn respect to get it, while others believe that respecting one another is not slavery in itself. That is not a bad move since respect is a mutual responsibility between parties. The great people of Cornwall are not an exemption when matters of respect are discussed.

There has been uproar about how visitors and locals of Cornwall treat workers at various shops, bartenders, and the hotel staff. Having a go at these people is a pure disgrace and should be condemned. It is humiliating when one disrespects you because he is your customer.

It may seem obvious for some, but it is worth noting that everyone has a feeling. Wait until when you become a victim of such kind of disrespect. You will have your lessons to learn when it hits you, but it is unnecessary to wait until that time.

Protecting others is a bold expectation of all of us to live in joy and harmony. The Cornwall council has stepped in to assist in solving this puzzle where many workers have been left perplexed. They have cited that the great way to look after one another and protect our beautiful environment is through respect. They have also added that the most prolific sectors, which include shops and hospitality industries, are hard to stay without, and therefore there is a need to find a way out.

Many workers in these sectors have come out to condemn the action of disrespect with the strongest terms possible. Others have also expressed their lamentations via open letters and other means to the director of public health. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone should be his brother’s keeper.

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