A Petition against Plans of Transforming Famous Green Space in Newquay Launched

A Petition against Plans of Transforming Famous Green Space in Newquay Launched

A petition to oppose plans of transforming the popular green space has been launched in Newquay town. Over four thousand residents have already supported the petition by appending their signatures.

The Killacourt is a green space in Newquay reserved for the public. The community space offers incredible sea views. Besides, it is used to host major events such as the Cornwall Pride.

However, the glory of this famous space will fade if the proposed plans are implemented. The proposal seeks to establish pop-up shops and a café in the space. The proposal was presented to the town council late last year. It was received and given the green light by the Cornwall County Council in early March this year.

The proposed improvements include making the space more accessible to all users, creation of new seating areas, and planting schemes. A café with modern outdoor seating and 12 pop-up shop units are also included in the proposal. Additionally, the proposed plan takes into account noise reduction for the neighbouring residents.

The council announced that the green space would be expanded to occupy a larger area. However, such expansions will significantly affect the surrounding buildings and structures.

The original plan had a palm-tree boulevard and an amphitheatre. However, these plans were dropped after public consultations and stability survey.

The pop-up shops were pushed away from the boundary to prevent obstruction of the sea view.

While defending their decision, Cornwall Council said the project would boost the economy once completed. The government is partly funding the project, and construction work has already started.

However, a petition was launched and addressed to the Newquay residents, business owners, Cornwall Council, and Newquay Town Council. The petition seeks to stop the implementation of the project, arguing that it would wash away the heritage of the famous green space.

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