A New Longstore Restaurant to Open in Truro Next Week

A New Longstore Restaurant to Open in Truro Next Week

In the coming week, Truro will be home to a new restaurant next week following the decision of the owners of a popular Charlestown restaurant to expand their hospitality business.

The restaurant in Charlestown was opened in 2016 after the owners realized that Truro had a reliable market for hospitality businesses. Now, this restaurant will have a sister restaurant that will be located along Lemon Street in Truro.

The new Longstore restaurant will open its doors to Truro customers on May 17 and will offer flavorsome fish cuisines and dry steaks. There will also be a bar within the restaurant that will offer cocktails.

The Lemon Street-based restaurant spans over three floors. It has special dining rooms with spacious seating areas that are fit for family meals, date nights, and drink-ups with friends. Additionally, these rooms can be used for business meetings.

The restaurant is housed in a Georgian townhouse that has been renovated and expanded. The new design matches the design of the popular Longstore restaurants across the United Kingdom.

While the hospitality industry has been adversely affected by the covid-19 pandemic, investors are optimistic that the industry will recover. Therefore, they are trying to expand their businesses to tap more customers and realize higher returns.

In some regions, the hospitality sector is not allowed to reopen following weeks of closure after the government issued a national lockdown. However, all hotels, restaurants, cafés, and bars along the busy Lemon Street have been reopened.

Over the last year, the hospitality sector has been closed at least three times due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, the government is allowing phased and highly monitored reopening for businesses across the country.

Even as the businesses reopen, they are required to strictly adhere to covid-19 safety protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus. This is no exception for the new restaurant as it will also be required to comply with all the safety protocols.

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