A New Home Plan Threatens Bristol’s Only Working Farm

A New Home Plan Threatens Bristol’s Only Working Farm

Redrow Homes announced its intention to build 200 homes on the greenbelt land adjacent to a tree farm in Bedminster Down. The developer submitted the plans for the housing project that will see the residents lose their grazing land.


Catherine Withers’ family has been running the farm for the last 50 years.  Catherine expressed her fears that the development project will force them to quit.


Catherine said that her family was devastated by the proposed plan which they termed as heartless.


Catherine’s family had leased the 15-acre piece of land to graze their cattle on. They had thought that the land was a haven after planning inspectors rejected their earlier plan to graze their cattle at a farm in West of England.


Although the farm is still under review by Bristol City Council, Redrow has submitted re-application documents and requested a planning inquiry for the homes from the authority.


Ms. Withers’ family has farmed for over 100 years in south Bristol. The family carried out environmentally-friendly farming while protecting natural resources and wildlife. The farm was a food basket for the residents of Bristol.


Ms. Withers remarked how the greenbelt provided them with security and protection to plan for the future. She wondered why the developer was planning to destroy the only farm in Bristol that was addressing the climate crisis, and yet there are many other brownfield sites within the city.


The council representative in charge of Bishopsworth ward, Brian Eddy maintained that the residents strongly opposed the housing plan.


Mr. Eddy disclosed that Bristol City Council had rewritten its development plan and that Redrow had taken advantage of the new city plan to develop the housing plan which would destroy the greenbelt farm. Mr. Eddy termed the move as outrageous.


However, the Redrow managing director, Hawker Lee, defended the project and claimed that the housing plan was much needed in Bristol.

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