A Man’s Luckiest Day is the First Day of 2020

A Man’s Luckiest Day is the First Day of 2020
Peter Skynner/Geograph

A fall from a height of at least the double of your own can bring head or spine injuries, serious bone fractures, wounds, or even death when not properly treated.

The luck of the beginning of 2020 goes to an unnamed man who had a 10-metre fall down a cliff on New Year’s Day. The man along with some friends was taking a path to Polzeath after the midnight celebration of New Year in Rock. Accidentally, he lost his footing and fell.

The Polzeath coast guard rescue team was called out to the scene. The search and rescue operation is a success as the man was found and immediately brought to the hospital.

In an interview, the spokesperson for the Polzeath coast guard said that after the call, six members of the team went into action. Initial reports stated that the casualty was nearby the Trebetherick point. Rescuers along with paramedics searched the area and found the casualty. After a detailed handover, the casualty was brought to Derriford hospital located in Plymouth for further examination and treatment.

While waiting for the coastguard helicopter rescue 924 from Newquay, rescuers also helped the ambulance crew in stabilising the casualty and in providing pain relievers.

The casualty was found to be alert and responsive during the rescue. He sustained numerous facial injuries with a suspected broken wrist. Both of his shoulders were also damaged. He was stabilised and kept warm in the stretcher until the rescue 924 arrived.

The tide was out during the incident and minimal injuries were recorded after the fall from that height. This makes the man very lucky after all.

The coastguard wishes for his fast recovery and for all the best for him this 2020. The coastguard also advised everyone to dial 999 if they spot any danger along the coast.

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