A man avoided going to jail after punching a dent in a car during a fight outside a club in Bristol

A man avoided going to jail after punching a dent in a car during a fight outside a club in Bristol
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A man has already been convicted with charges when he had another violent encounter outside a nightclub in Bristol yet again. Cassius Matthews, 27-year old, had a record of violence in 2018 that brought him to the court. The judge sentenced him to have twelve months in jail but later got extended up to eighteen months.

According to the Bristol Crown Court, Matthew was engaged in a rage when he wasn’t able to get an entry in a nightclub in Keynsham. Resorting to violence, he attacked a door staff member in rage. He wasn’t simply arguing and took hold of a plank of wood that he picked around the area.

The material was confiscated at first, but they were surprised when he returned to continue his attack on that door staff member. He was then brought into court where he received his sentence.

 Matthew is still under suspension when he went to a club in Lakota nightclub in Bristol last year in October. This time, Matthews was thrown out from the club when he was seen quarreling and fighting with a circle of people he was together. The group continued to fight, so a security staff called the police.

Prosecutor Neil Treharne said that a witness confessed that Matthews punched the hood of the car that was owned by a certain Lewis Marshfield. The dent was even described to have a heart shape. The damage taken by the car has a rough estimate of £102. Matthew was then arrested by the police when they found him near Brunswick Square.

Judge Michael Cullum sentenced Matthew to only take the charges he committed on that night. The judge commented that Matthew’s suspension will stay. Matthew avoided going to jail and just fined to pay £200 with a cost of £100 and compensation of £102 for the car.

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