A man arrested in Newquay after being found in possession of several weapons in his vehicle

A man arrested in Newquay after being found in possession of several weapons in his vehicle
Rod Allday/ Geograph.co.uk

On Wednesday at 2.30 am, the police stopped a car that was travelling in the town on Hawkins road. During this time, the police were on their normal patrol to ensure the security of the town. Upon stopping the car, they conducted a regular search and found several weapons. The weapons were a firearm, knives and a teaser that was disguised as a torch. They also found class B drugs.

The driver of the vehicle who was reported to be a 24 years old man was arrested on the account of being in possession of a firearm, bladed/pointed weapon, offensive weapon and having controlled substance-class B drugs.

The man was also driving a vehicle without insurance prompting the police to seize the vehicle.

After the arrest, he was taken to police custody and he is still there as more investigations continue.

Using their twitter account, Newquay police expressed satisfaction with the search they termed as productive to net dangerous weapons and taking them out of the streets where they could have been used to harm innocent citizens.

The message on twitter also stated that the person was driving without a license and the vehicle did not have insurance and thus the police had also taken the vehicle for further investigations.

Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson added that during routine patrols, police searched a vehicle that was stopped on the Hawkins road in Newquay at 2.30 am. He added that the search led to the arrest of a man from Exeter who was the driver of the vehicle. He was arrested on account of being in possession of an array of weapons and driving without a licence and insurance. He termed the weapons as dangerous and illegal. It is also against the law to drive without a licence and insurance.

The communication did not reveal further details or the identity of the arrested person.

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  1. Your photo shows the Hawkins Arms in Zelah not Hawkins Road in Newquay. Zelah is 7 miles from Newquay.


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