A family in Bridgwater in agony as their grandfather went missing in Benidorm four months ago

A family in Bridgwater in agony as their grandfather went missing in Benidorm four months ago

A family has been heartbroken after their grandfather went missing in September last year. Phil Pearce was last seen after his release from police custody in Benidorm on 10th September 2019.

The 68-year old went to a popular tourist joint for enjoyment, after which he suddenly disappeared. On learning about his disappearance, his family members took a flight to Spain in search of their loved one.

The pensioner’s disappearance prompted his family and friends to mount a publicised joint search. They created a crowdfunding page to outsource funds for the search and a Facebook page under his name.

The family stated that Mr Pearce had shown early signs of dementia, and he occasionally suffered from memory loss.

His granddaughter narrated the frustrations and agony that the family has undergone since the disappearance of her grandfather.

Ms Dyer expressed their frustrations by the authorities who demanded that they seek court orders to access the CCTV footage to help in the search. She, however, confirmed that they filed an application in the court and that they are currently waiting for the response from the court.

Ms Dyer lamented the lack of help from the British Police in investigations of Mr Phil’s disappearance. The police maintained that they could only get involved when formally invited by the Spanish police. She, however, expressed hopes of finding her grandpa to wipe the tears of her son, who has since been crying out for his missing great grandpa

In recent weeks, there were some leads of possible sightings of Mr Phil posted on social media. However, these sightings proved fruitless.

Ms Dyer appealed to friends and well-wishers to help them in finding their loved one. A devastated Dyer thanked holidaymakers who have spared their time to help in the search for Mr Phil. She also appealed to social media fraternity to help in circulating the images of Mr Phil to speed up the search efforts.

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