A Councilor in Truro Charged with a Possible Hit and Run

A Councilor in Truro Charged with a Possible Hit and Run

Cheryl Fritz, a Ward 1 councilor in Truro involved in an accident on Saturday, April 11, has been charged. This is after the legislator was involved in a minor incident at the Superstore parking lot and was seen leaving without addressing the issue with the involved parties.

Rob Hearn, the Deputy Chief of the Truro Police Service said that Cheryl Fritz was issued a summary offence ticket for the incident at the Superstore parking lot.

Fritz has since issued statements saying that the incident was overly publicized and blown out of proportion due to her position as a town legislator.

Coincidentally, besides Cheryl Fritz being a Truro councilor, she also serves as a member of the police board in Truro. The Truro town councilor admitted that she did bump into another vehicle while she was parking her vehicle. She checked for any damage and after seeing none proceeded into the superstore. After a while, she left the store and went home.

One hour after leaving the superstore, Fritz had a visit from Truro Police, who issued her ticket for the offense.

A witness who saw the whole incident reported the incident to the police.

The town legislator said that she checked for damage on both cars before going into the store. She added that she had not killed nor hurt anybody. She just bumped into a parked car.

Fritz was upset because she felt that everybody was making a big deal out of the incident because of her position as a town legislator.

Fritz is scheduled to appear in court on 31st July.

Fritz has served as the Ward 1 councilor since 2012. She also served as the deputy mayor in 2016 and currently represents the town in several communities such as the Community Safety Advisory Committee and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Joint Police Services.

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