A Care Home in Torquay Pleads With the Government for Help


As coronavirus-related deaths continue to rise, a care home in Torquay has pleaded with the government to come to their aid. The management at Warberries Nursing Home claimed that they feel neglected by the government during this time of crisis.

The care home has been forced to manage its own Covid-19 response kitty with no external funding. The deputy managing director at the facility, Lucy Hall, lamented that they are forgotten as the government has channeled all resources to other sectors. However, she remained optimistic that they will get help from the government in the coming days.

Lucy Hall said that the government turned its back on them when the crisis began. She noted that everyone has been praising NHS for doing a good job. The government has, therefore, channeled all its resources to NHS, forgetting the nursing homes.

She, however, announced that the facility will still be caring for people as usual. They will take care of the residents and the community as a whole as they have been doing. However, they may not be in a position to take them to the hospital due to limited finances.

Recently, it was reported that the facility had a shortage of protective equipment. Luckily, the community came to their aid and donated some equipment. However, the well-wishers cannot meet all the financial needs of the facility unless the government intervenes.

Ms. Hall added that they have tried to get PPE from the government, but their efforts were unsuccessful. She noted that the facility uses over 100 face masks in a day which means they procure approximately 700 masks in a week.

Ms. Hall added that they received a donation of 250 face masks from a Nottingham-based company. They also received PPE from other companies. However, she pleaded with the government to support them during this time of crisis.


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