A Caravan of the Famous Traveller John Treagood Left at his Favourite Spot in Exeter

A Caravan of the Famous Traveller John Treagood Left at his Favourite Spot in Exeter
Greg Fitchett/Geograph

A caravan of the late John Treagood was left at an idle roundabout in Exeter adjacent to his favourite spot in the city. The wagon was put on display at the spot with the words “RIP TREAGOOD” written in bold on both sides. This was meant to give the residents a chance to pay their tribute to the famous traveller who was loved by many.

John Treagood had been ailing for some time and succumbed on Sunday. Treagood was a well-known Devon traveller because of his iconic caravan and a horse.

Since the news of his death broke, tributes have been pouring in from all corners of the city. Many people remember John from his favourite spot at the highway verges where he spent most of his time on his wagon with his famous horse at the time.

His family announced that his funeral will be on Thursday, February 27, 2020. The funeral will be a public ceremony to allow people to pay their last respect to their beloved traveller. The ceremony will kick off at 4 PM at the Whimple Crematorium in Exeter.

A post on his Facebook page indicated that it was his wish to put the caravan on display at the roundabout upon his death to allow people to pay their last respects.

A donation was set up immediately after his death to raise funds to cover the funeral costs. The target was £3000, but as of yesterday night, the page had raised over £7000, surpassing its target.

A photographer who took John Tragood’s photo in 2011 eulogized him as a real gentleman with a strong sense of humour. Greg Wellman went ahead to explain how he requested John to allow him to take photos of him and his horse Gildor in that particular morning with stunning light. They later met at Tiverton Library in 2018 where he reminded him about the pictures.

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