A Barn near Bridgwater Suffers Severe Damage Following a Night Blaze

A Barn near Bridgwater Suffers Severe Damage Following a Night Blaze

A barn that is in a village near Bridgewater was razed down following a Sunday night blaze. The barn is located at Lakewall in Westonzoyland.

At around 7 pm on Sunday, August 31, a huge fire broke out at a storage barn and spread to a nearby vehicle. Immediately, firefighters from Street, Glastonbury, and Bridgewater were alerted.

Within a short time, the firefighters responded. The first crew to arrive found that the fire had spread to the nearby trees.

Several firefighting crews including those from Wellington, Burnham-On-Sea, Castle Cary, and Martock were deployed to help. Western Power Distribution crew was also called into the action. This is following fears that the fire could spread to the nearby power lines.

The team tried to prevent the spread of the fire by using an attack jet that had compressed air foam. They used the jets alongside other tools and equipment. The tools used in the incident include thermal imaging cameras, portable lighting, and breathing apparatus.

The cause of the blaze was established to be accidental. The combined team of firefighters worked throughout the night trying to extinguish the fire until 6:30 am on Monday when the blaze was fully contained.

The crew noted that the barn was completely damaged, and all the hay inside was burnt to ashes. The information was confirmed by the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue spokesperson.

He noted that the vehicle that was involved in the fire was 80% damaged. On the other hand, the barn was 100% damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties from the incident. This is because the fire started when no one was near the barn.

The authorities commenced investigations into the matter to ascertain whether the indeed cause of the fire was accidental. However, the issue of an arsonist attack was not ruled out. The authorities are also looking to establish if it was an inside plan.


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