7 Reasons Bristol’s Buses Are so Bad–and What First Bus Is Doing about It


First Bus, the main bus operator in Bristol, says it is ‘making strong progress’ in tackling the problems that have beset the services it runs since the start of this autumn.

Since September, the bus company has reported complaints from bus passengers across Bristol about the condition of the transport system.

They have reported problems with buses cancelling, running late or being so crowded that they cannot pick up any more passengers.

A protest rally has been organised for later this month and Parliament’s Transport Committee is due in Bristol on Monday to discuss these issues.

In the meantime, First Bus MD James Freeman has apologised for the inconveniences caused by poor services. He is of the opinion that they are not just as a result of a recruitment crisis at First Bus depots but other factors also responsible for the poor services.

These factors include:

  • Lack of sufficient drivers for the number of buses available
  • Traffic on regular roads that cause the buses not taking the bus lanes to be late
  • Lack of a train service across the city
  • Closure of the railway line between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway, resulting in more people driving in.
  • Roadworks at different parts of the city
  • Recruitment of drivers
  • Return of students from school holidays
  • Introduction of the new bus routes, leading to shortages on usual routes.
  • Bad weather

Despite all these challenges, First Bus is doing all it can to remedy the situation and make bus transport a pleasant experience once again.


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