4 New Restaurants to Be Opened in Bristol Area

4 New Restaurants to Be Opened in Bristol Area
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The year 2020 had been a devastating time for many culinary business owners and some of them lost their ventures to the pandemic.

However, with the New Year come new possibilities. Entrepreneurs are preparing to open up 4 new restaurants despite the lingering pandemic. These restaurants to look out for include:

Bronx Burger Co

Bronx Burger Co is planned to open up in Clifton Village on the coronavirus restrictions is eased at the end of February.

Bronx Burger Co will be headed by Chef Matthew Demichele, who has been famous with iconic burger and pizza menus. The 35-year-old chef has been the pizzeria for 15 years. Besides serving burgers, Brinx Burger Co will also serve beers from top-notch Bristol’s local breweries.

Love Brownies

Love Brownies was founded by chef Chantal Teal in 2011 and is planning to open up its twelfth UK shop on Park Street.

It has been awarded some prestigious awards, including the 2018 and 2019 Great British Food Awards for its salted caramel brownies and vegan coconut brownies.

Before running Love Brownies, chef Chantal Teal served in A-class restaurants in Australia and some European countries. She then returned to the UK and became Love Brownies’ head baker until now.

Pony North Street

Pony North Street, which is headed by Chef Josh Eggleton, will serve modern British bistro menus for their customers. It will open next to the legendary Bristol Beer Factory.

It was actually arranged to open last month in January. But the opening was delayed due to the rising numbers of coronavirus cases.


Yafo is scheduled to open on North Street in a site previously home to Shake Express. It will serve middle-eastern cuisines such as falafel, mezze platters, and other authentic flavours from that area.

Yafo is planning to serve takeaways only. Once the restrictions are lifted, it will serve up to 20 customers inside the restaurant.


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