2019 Oktoberfest at Truro Regarded as Absolute Chaos by Most Participants


Cornwall’s yearly Oktoberfest event took place last October 05, 2019 on a new location at Truro Cattle Market. It was organised by MADA Events.

This beer night wherein people would dress in Bavarian attire and listen to live music while drinking beer has always been a success for the preceding years.

Unfortunately, this year’s occasion has been bombarded with negative comments from participants. Some even considered the 2019 Oktoberfest as a total disaster.

People have been ranting on social media about long queues and having to wait for more than an hour just to get a drink. Shuttle buses were also not visible along the city’s centre, and there were those who paid large amounts of money to reserve VIP tables which were not provided.

There was also massive criticism when the organisers kept on deleting complaints and bad reviews from the Facebook page of the said event.

Spencer Woods even reiterated that instead of deleting negative comments, the organisers could have found ways to address the issue at hand.

Meanwhile, Jessica Smith told Cornwall Live that the Oktoberfest in Truro was terrible. She had complained to the event’s organisers but received no feedback. Smith got more infuriated by the fact that certain comments on social media were intentionally deleted instead of being acknowledged. She even emphasised that MADA events must extend their apologies to the people.

Cornwall Live reached out to Matt Pooley of MADA Events. According to Pooley, there were suppliers who had difficulties due to storm Lorenzo. They even almost had to cancel the entire event. However, they did not want to let people down so they did everything they can to push through.

Furthermore, he added that despite some complaints, there were around a thousand people who enjoyed a fantastic night.

Currently, they are encouraging everyone who experienced issues to send their suggestions. Their customers’ feedback is of vital importance to them.


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