1,700 jobs in Somerset to be Created by Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater

1,700 jobs in Somerset to be Created by Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater
Richard Baker/Wikimedia Commons

Over the next year, the nuclear power station experts will create 1700 jobs.

The socioeconomic impact report generated by Hinkley Point states that the project has exceeded the estimated budget. So far, it has spent £3.2 billion, which is twice the preliminary budget.

The 1,700 jobs will be spread out in different equipment & electrical installation, construction, electrical, and welding. This plan is expected to help the South West recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stuart Crooks, the managing director of Hinkley Point C, said that the project would fight climate change, create opportunities and jobs. He reiterated that the massive investment by the company was a move to help people start new careers.

Somerset colleges and training providers have been incorporated in this project by working together with Hinkley Point C Jobs to make the roles more available.

Bridgewater and Taunton College have partnered with new facilities such as the new Welding Centre of Excellence and Construction Skills and Innovation Centre to train new skills in the project.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, noted that this is the first nuclear power station that has brought numerous benefits to the local people of Somerset. She expressed her happiness to meet talented apprentices on her tour to the company.

The minister said that Hinkley Point C was working to help the British government achieve climate targets and carry on being a dependable source of clean electricity.

On the other hand, Councilor Gill Slocombe noted that the company was critical in providing social and economic benefits to the region, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project will positively impact the wider UK supply chain because it will deliver £18 billion. The project is almost approaching a target of 1000 apprentices, having already trained about 750 apprentices.

Natalie Beachman also noted that Hinkley Point C had opened considerable opportunities to the locals because they can win contracts.

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